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How to Bet In-Play with Betfair

1442202805-329695421Betting in-play is a brilliant way to take advantage of movements in prices based on live sporting action.

Betfair has a fantastic reputation for facilitating in-play betting; whether that’s football from around the globe, the latest tennis and golf tournaments, basketball, rugby….basically you name it, Betfair offers you the opportunity to back it.

And their ‘Live TV’ service ensured that you can watch many of your selections on your computer, phone or tablet! If they don’t offer a live broadcast for your picks, then you are still guaranteed an in-depth live commentary that is updated by the minute with relevant stats and events.

Welcome Offer – Up to £100 in free bets

The best way to utilise Betfair’s in-play section is with free money. When you register a new account you’ll be able to claim up to £100 worth by simply placing your first bet of just £10.

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Step by Step guide

Step 1 – Access the Free Bet Promotion

We’ve made this bit really easy for you – all you need to do is click this link and you’ll soon have £30 of free money to bet with!

Step 2 – Create An Account

By clicking on our bonus link you will be taken to the Betfair site at Now all you need to do is click the ‘join now’ button and enter your personal details.

betfair in-play 1

Step 3 – Register

A registration form will no pop up that needs filling in – don’t worry, this is a piece of cake to do and only takes a minute or two!

Betfair in play 2

Step 4 – Deposit

You will now be asked to make a deposit using one of the numerous banking options the Betfair website offers.

Remember, a £10 bet secures you £30 free with our bonus code!

Step 5 – Head to the In-Play Zone

On the black horizontal ribbon towards the top of the Betfair homepage you will see ‘In-Play’ listed. Give this a click.

betfair in play 3

You will now be taken to Betfair’s In-Play headquarters. From here you can access every sport, and every match, that is currently available for in-play.

As we scroll down we can see right now we have football, tennis, volleyball and basketball all over the globe.

The Betfair TV widget also shows which matches/events are currently available to be live streamed on your device.

Step 6 – Make Your Selections

Now all you need to do is make your picks and add them to your bet slip by clicking on the relevant odds.

Your coupon will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, listing your selections as well as all the bet types that are available to you.

betfair in play 4

Step 7 – Select Your Stake and Place Your Bet

Now you need to decide how much to bet. Is it a good shout or a bit of a longshot? Let this be your guide when placing any bet.

Once you have entered the amount in the relevant box, click ‘place bet’ and you’re good to go!

Features of Betfair In-Play Betting

Betting in-play with Betfair couldn’t be easier: simply make your selections, tune in to the live streaming and cheer your picks home!

You can bet pretty much up to the final whistle or when your horse crosses the finish line.

There are two ways to bet in-play with Betfair: the traditional Sportsbook route and the Betfair Exchange.

Through the Sportsbook you would bet as normal, just in-play: place a single or a multiple and watch it (hopefully) come in.

The Betfair Exchange, on the other hand, is a trading channel based on the stock exchange markets. Here you can back, lay and trade bets as you see fit.

Back, Lay and Trade

Backing is essentially placing a bet on an outcome you believe will happen, e.g. Andy Murray winning Wimbledon.

Laying is basically betting on something not to happen, e.g. laying Andy Murray to win Wimbledon means you are, in essence, backing the rest of the field.

Trading enables you to ‘buy low, sell high’ – finding some early value and trading this when the price/time is right.

These transactions are carried out amongst Betfair members, rather than the bookmaker itself, so you can pick up some good prices along the way. But, be warned, the Exchange should not be taken lightly, so do ensure you are completely familiar with its workings before diving in.

Sportsbook Exchange
Types of In-Play Bet Outrights, Handicaps, Next Goal/Set etc Same as Sportsbook plus Lay, Back and Trade

What other in-play features does Betfair offer?

  • Live Streaming – Watch selected action wherever you are with Betfair TV.
  • Cash Out – Worried about bet? No problem: cash out before it’s too late!
  • Bet Management – Even if you bet across different sports, your selections are available in one place – rather than clicking through each sport’s page.
  • Stat Attack – Click on your selections and you will be taken to the live event page, where you will have a multitude of statistics to pour over.

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